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Welcome to Cobbiecat Cattery




We share our home with some wonderful, unbelievably pampered Himalayans who give back to us more than we could ever imagine. We are constantly amazed at the way they care for each other and frequently comment how nice life would be if people were as caring.


We breed for personality, type and boning. The sweetness or our cats cannot be overstated.


Our cats are part of our family, raised in an underfoot environment. Moms and kittens are caged until the little ones can toddle about and use the litter pan.


We spend lots of time socializing and spoiling them to make them loving companions. They listen to classical music almost every day and the older ones even know how to turn on the radio (this sometimes happens at 3am). Our bed is occupied by lots of warm and fuzzy bodies (not ours of course), which allows us a small space to sleep each night. Cold weather at our house is a very unique experience.


Himi's are wonderful cats, easy to live with and love. They are loyal, forgiving, friendly, gentle, patient and fun. All the things we hope to be as well. We delight in God's handiwork.


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